The OC

Orange Cat, that is

1 January
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I am the Big Orange Cat.

This is my weight loss and "Essenkampf" journal. Ja Ja!
9 lives, =^..^=, =^.^=, affection, barf, bed, beef, being a cat, being a princess, being beautiful, being clean, being cute, being fed, being lazy, being petted, being petted even more, being petted some more, being pretty, being spoiled, being stroked, betta fish, binge and purge, bird watching, birds, biting, bits of chicken, brown paper bags, bugs, bulimia, bulimia nervosa, cat, cat food, cat nip, cat scratch fever, cat toys, cat treats, catnip, cats, chair, cheese, chicken, clawing, clawing the furniture, cuddles, destroying important documentation, dinner, drinking, drinking from the toilet, drooling, dry food, dust bunnies, eating, eating dead things, fish, fluffiness, food, fridge, fur, furballs, get fuzzy, getting my ears scratched, grooming, hard pets, having my tummy rubbed, head butting, heat, humans, ice cream, icecream, ignoring the world, italian food, jumping, lasagna, lasers, licking, licking myself, licking things, looking cute, love, meat, meow mix, meowing, milk, my kitty bed, nap, napping, naps, neutered support groups, orange pride, orangeness, pettings, pigging out, preening, pro-mia, projectile puking, puking, puking hair balls, purging, purr, purring, purrrging, riding in cars, rubbing against people, rubbing up against things, scratching, scratching expensive furniture, scratching post, scratching posts, sharpening claws, shedding, sleep, sleeping, sleeping all day, sniffing, snuggling, sofa, stalking, staring at you, staring contests, stretching, string, strokes on the back, sun, toys, tuna, vacuum cleaners, vomit, vomiting, warmth, water, wet food, windows